Incredible things to do in Bali in 6 days

Things to do in Bali for your first trip

A perfect sunrise, best beaches, mountains, heritage, temples, adventure, beautiful sunsets, shopping destinations, culture, pubs, cafes, resorts, hotels, spas. One place but so much to do, anything you think of, Bali has it.

Who are you?

A silent admirer of scenic beauty, a party animal, crazy explorer, dreamer, beach addict or enthusiast. Whether it’s the beauty or serenity, silence or music, Bali is the perfect destination.

You might be thinking if it is so beautiful, it will way out of my budget. The answer is “No”, anyone can plan a Bali trip fitting to their pocket.

My bucket list

First timers, I would suggest, spend at least a week in Bali. We had a 6 day trip, one of the most memorable trip ever.

I am going to share my bucket list with you, if you like it, pick up spots of your interest.

Gone are those days, when people use to buy those packages, where a bus will come on right time, take you on a tour, drop you for 30 mins and ask you to return even if you wished to stay.

What everyone is looking for is a custom made package, suiting their needs and preferences of time and places.

How to plan a perfect Bali trip?

There is no definition to perfection, all you need to do is, right things on right time. Bali is diverse, as it was our first trip we wanted the taste of everything, so we picked up three places to go.

  1. Ubud: Culturally rich and known for its tradition
  2. Seminyak: Party place with great clubs
  3. Nusa Dua: Perfect place to relax and pamper your self

Our aim was to enjoy the culture and heritage first, followed by adventure, party and finally relax before coming back.


Enjoy the city walk, stunning cafes with wonderful food and drinks. Watch cultural dance show at the Ubud palace. Explore the city, check out the dazzling rice terraces. Out of all the three destinations this is the most apt place for shopping souvenirs and jewellery, as it offers the best price.

I would suggest not to spend a lot of money for your stay in Ubud, as you have so much to stay outside the hotel.

Things to do in Ubud

Read 9 amazing attractions in Ubud to know where you can spend your two days in Ubud.

If you are an adventure and trek lover you should check Mt. Batur Sunrise trek experience as well.


Seminyak is quite modern and a great place to enjoy various beach side clubs, pubs, shopping areas and tattoo shops. The best way to move around is to hire a scooter. One of the best staying option is TS Suites in Seminyak, we got an incredible deal as we booked in advance.

Things to do in Seminyak

Chill at TS Suites

TS Suites is the best place to stay in Seminyak if you are looking for a complete package. Let’s find out what you can do here:

Great food and they make customized breakfast for vegetarians…

It’s a big pain if you are a vegetarian and you stay at the wrong place. We usually check before booking any hotel whether they provide vegetarian food or not. TS Suites also provided us with custom made vegetarian breakfast.


Enjoy the 24 hour terrace infinity pool of TS Suites

Yes you read it correctly, they have a 24 hour terrace swimming pool with a spectacular view. IMG_7377

You can swim, sun bath and have drinks enjoy a perfect start of the morning. They have a bar and a juice counter which is open 24X7. The service is amazing, I spent my mornings and late nights at this place after party.


Free entry to their happening club Jenga…

Jenga offers free entry to TS suites residents, which was another perk of staying at this hotel. The club’s interior is exceptionally modern and it has a two storey arrangement. As you enter you will find an attractive bar with sophisticated seating arrangement of couches.


The party is all downstairs, there is a disc and a bigger bar where you can get drunk while you dance. If you like quiet stay upstairs and enjoy your time.

Enjoy the coffee adjacent to TS Suites at my Kopi-O!


If you are a coffee lover, this cafe offers different varieties of coffee with delicious snacks.


Yes we did go out of the hotel and saw some other places too, TS suites was though the best experience.

Official website:


3D Trick art gallery

Are you a photo lover? Like to click yourself wherever you can.
Then this is the right place for you. It has a collection of creative 3D pictures you can become a part of, full value for money.
I got myself clicked at all pictures, they were so irresistible. Have a look at few of my favourites…

Romantic picture…


Funny picture…


Crazy picture…


Scary picture…


There are dozens of it, wear your best attire and get clicked as much as you want. I have a collection for about 100 different poses. This was definitely one of the best places which I enjoyed thoroughly. This place is at walking distance from TS suites.

Potato head beach club

It’s a beach facing club with infectious music, we reached right in time to see the most gorgeous sunset.


As we reached almost at the time of sunset, we missed the beach facing seats. We still managed to get a cozy seat inside. This place is crowded all the time with usually a waiting of half an hour minimum, it’s still worth the wait.

If you manage to reach at the start of evening, you could grab the best seats and if not, while you are waiting you can enjoy the view on the beach.


They serve delicious food, it was a splendid evening, topped by cozy dinner and wow environment.


We took a scooter and followed the GPS to reach here, the location is a bit tricky with sharp turns, if you feel the way is not correct, it means you are on the right way.


A Day trip from Seminyak to Kuta

Seminyak is in the centre, you can also visit Kuta if you are fond of driving. We did a day trip to Kuta and visited the Discovery mall.

It’s a beach facing shopping mall, with tons of shopping options. I got a pair of Wakai shoes from here they are super comfortable and stylish. You can buy souvenirs, eatables, chocolates, clothes, they have a wide range of fine looking bikinis in this mall. You can shop till you drop!
Once you are done you can sit at any beach facing restaurant to enjoy the view and food. If you are a shopaholic you can return to shopping or wait for the awesome sunset.



Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a perfect place to relax and pamper yourself. Mesmerizing blue water beaches, remarkable spas, great restaurants and superb atmosphere. As this was our last stop we took our best stay here.

Where to stay as Nusa Dua? It is full of beach facing resorts, Grand Mirage offers one of the best stays.

Things to do in Nusa dua

Water Sports

The water is blue and clear making it a suitable destination for water sports. Options available for the sports are:

  • Sea walking
  • Scuba diving- It’s a two day course
  • Jet ski
  • Speed boat
  • Parasailing
  • Flying Fish


Turtle Island tour

This is a lovely island where they conserve turtles, you can also see other animals like snakes, bats, birds, big lizards. It’s a fun place to go for a tour.

IMG_7659 - Copy

Treat yourself with spa

After the exhausting water sports a good spa is nothing but the best thing to happen. You can enjoy spa at your resort or explore the spas of the adjacent resorts. There are several open spa shops on the street which offer incredible foot massages and fish massages to relax you with cheaper price.

Balinese is one of the most relaxing spa treatments, make sure you take a Balinese massage during your stay in Bali.

Queens of India restaurant

Yes it’s an Indian restaurant as I can’t survive without Indian food for long. Queens of India was one of restaurants with delicious food, the service was nice. They also provided us with a complimentary cab to our resort which was very sweet of them.

IMG_7841 - Copy

The Grand Mirage candle light dinner

I do have a one full blog about The Grand Mirage, still this arrangement needs to be mentioned, as its special and an unforgettable experience.


Well what do you think it is? May be your guesses are correct, it’s a space for the private table arrangement at the beach for having a candle light dinner. You can enjoy your solitude and companion fully with a bling of romance in the air.

You just need to do the advance booking for the evening.


Uluwattu temple tour


Last but not the least, the best location in Bali. Uluwattu Temple is located on a cliff over the ocean giving it a magnificent view. The temple is of utmost religious importance and is one of the most popular attractions of Bali due to its spectacular location. When you enter the temple just be careful of the monkeys on the way, if you are carrying any food items.

I just feel like staying here forever, no words to describe the beauty and serenity of this place. The pose which everyone gets clicked here is…

IMG_7815 - Copy

I have never seen the sky look so colourful, the view was beguiling and is one of my finest memories


The best way to reach here is hire a cab because as it’s in outskirts you might not get options to go back if you book a one way cab.




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