Phuket an ultimate place to chill out

Phuket is an assortment of tons of great activities, if you check on net things to do in Phuket, you will find hundreds of pages and activities. It’s not only about what the place offers but also what you are looking for from the holiday. I am putting down my list as for me Phuket was about chilling, eating, seeing around and shopping.

Things to do in Phuket

Patong beach

IMG_1102.JPGPatong beach is a beautiful place to relax and watch sunset. This beach was walking distance from our resort and extremely clean. There are several beach side cafes where you can sit, relax and enjoy the view.IMG_1088

Bangla road to see the nightlife

Its the most happening street in Phuket with lot of pubs and go go bars, you will find it very crowded. People displaying various activities on this street, guys and girls inviting you too their clubs.

You can see tourists from all over the world at this street. There are many choices you can enjoy watching girls dancing or you can choose to go in club where you can dance yourself. If you just want to sit and sip a drink and watch the crowd few places offer an outside arrangement as well.

This street is full of options you can choose to go, from Starbucks to Russian strip clubs to pole dancing cafes or normal pubs. It’s a must go place if you like to enjoy night life.

Thai Boxing match

This is another unique attraction if you enjoy boxing matches, you should book to watch a boxing match. It’s a good experience.

A day trip to Phi Phi islands


Phi Phi islands is a good day trip option from Phuket. I have one full blog about what you can do at Phi Phi islands. You can also club Bamboo island or Raya island with your trip to Phi Phi, both are good for relaxing on the beach.

Bamboo Island


Raya Island


Don’t forget to take your towels and sheets other wise have to rent it.

A day trip to Phang na Bay and James Bond island


This island is different than others as it offers canoeing, great beaches and spectacular views. This was my favourite day trip and you can read in details about Phang na Bay in my previous post.

Phuket weekend market called Naka Market

There are tons of shopping options in Thailand. Bangkok is the most famous but there are options everywhere. We hired a scooter and drove to see the old town in Phuket, did not find it much interesting but Naka Market was amazing.

Incredible food, juices and shopping options. I did loads of shopping from this place, you will not realize number of hours you spend here. The stuff is good quality, people do bargain and a great place to be.

Restaurants in Phuket

Thailand is a hub for all types of cuisines, all of it was brilliant. The best vegetarian restaurants which I loved were Tantra and Baluchi. These restaurants did not make me miss home as the food was delicious.

Spa and massage in Phuket

Phuket trip is incomplete if you don’t try the massages here. You will feel there are more massage centers than tourists. They are really cheap and do good massages. One quick check you can do is just keep a tab on time when it starts because some local shops will say one hour but they will finish in 45 mins. Never go for pedicure here because they just shape your nails and put nail paint which was worst pedicure I ever had.

There are amazing spas in Phuket, one of which I really like was Let’s relax spa in Patong. The massage was heavenly and very relaxing. I will recommend a Thai massage, Deep Tissue and Foot massage. These three are the must have if you go to Thailand.





19 thoughts on “Phuket an ultimate place to chill out

  1. Very well potrait and sumup things. Most if the times when you visit unknown places, you don’t want to miss out things and land up spending more. Thanks Jaya for summing up the trip.
    Will deffibately use as guide whenever visit Phuket.
    Thanks for sharing .

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  2. This brings back memories. I actually lived in Thailand for 13 years and have visited Phuket a few times. I miss the Thai food and the great massages! Thanks for sharing this, it looks like you had a great time x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lovely pics, Phuket is so pretty! Beenthere in January when it rained, my heart pines for the place


  4. I feel that Phuket is a fun place. Even though people start smiling the moment you mention Thailand…at least in India, I feel it is one of great destination for family where there is something for every age. Add to this, infrastructure for tourism is one best in Asia. Great pictures.

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