Bangkok shop shop until you drop!!

Bangkok the city of sky scrapers, massage centers, shopping destinations, night markets and much more. This city never sleeps, streets are always full of people, food and colourful tuk tuks moving around. Bangkok has a glorious palace and beautiful temples to visit. On my three day trip got massages, did shopping for 2.5 days and a half day sightseeing tour of Bangkok.

Places to shop in Bangkok

This is the most difficult part to decide as the options are too many and time is so little. Pack compact and less as when you will return your bags will be full, may be you may end up buying new bags as well.

Day 1 of shopping

Palladium night market

This was the best night market in Bangkok, tons of shopping options. Great clothing, good quality, superb prices, full value for money. I got t shirts, party tops, pants, shoes, shorts everything from this place. There was a time I couldn’t carry the bags in my hands. Its a must go place if you love street shopping. An important tip always carry a small bag and water bottle, wear flat sole footwear when you are visiting a night market.

Opening hours: 6 pm to 11 pm

Day 2 of shopping

Indira Square

This place is a three storey complex with variety of goods. On ground floor you will find shoes, luggage bags, accessories, clothing for men. I got an incredible bag pack from here which you can carry in three different ways, good quality, very stylish and super comfortable in handling.

First floor also has luggage but more of it is women clothing, shoes and souvenirs section. People do bargain here at some shops, you can try your skills. For buying shoes and flip flops this place has the best variety.Second floor is a food court where you get all the cuisines

Opening hours: 10 am to 9 pm usually lot of shops close after 5 pm

MBK Mall

Its a multi storey, air conditioned mall which is huge in terms of area.There are close to 2000 stores in this one mall you can imagine the number of things you can get here.

MBK is an excellent choice for buying handbags, shoulder bags, clothing, accessories, souvenirs. Fourth floor is only for electronics and mobiles you can get every possible electronic item from selfie stick to under water cameras.

I got amazing bags, shoes and souvenirs from this place I really wish to go back again. It’s a paradise for shopping. Top floor is best for bags. Food courts are at fifth and sixth floor.

You can get here by BTS Skytrain or Tuk tuk or taxi everyone in Bangkok knows where MBK mall is, as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Opening hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Day 3 shopping

Pratunam Market

This is a wholesale market it is mostly for clothes and accessories. There are lot of shops at this place, it is true that it appears like a maze. We found a store which had superhero stuff, amazing good quality t-shirts, there price was higher compared to other shops but the stuff was really good.

There are dozens of shops here, you can get cheapest rates here, more you buy in bulk lesser the prices are, great value for money.

I got t-shirt of wolverine and batman, super stylish belts, beach dress, t-shirts for my dad, leggings, pants and lot more.

Opening hours: 24 hours open best time to visit is 11 am to 8 pm as lot of retail shops close after that

Patpong night market

This is a pretty cool night market, located in the red light district of Bangkok. You get lot of first copy goods here and nice printed t-shirts. Another attractive thing is photo frames with quotes and characters which is quite a collection, I must say. Beautiful lamp shades and home decor stuff.

There are go go bars at the other end of this busy shopping street music makes this place more lively, bargain hard to buy stuff the quality is good they don’t come down easily.

You have many eateries and spas nearby shop, eat and relax, that’s what Bangkok is all about.

Opening hours: 6 pm to 1 am

Half day sight seeing in Bangkok

There are lot of attractions in Bangkok worth visiting but due to my crazy shopping schedule just got half day’s time to see few places.

Chalong boat tour


Chalong boat tour is an experience in itself but it is equally expensive but the best part is, it is less time consuming if you wish to go to Wat Arun temple for a visit. You will get a personal boat for yourself to go to Wat Arun which will take you back after an hour from the parking to the stop for Bangkok Palace.

Make sure you return in an hour, the parking guys are very strict they will make you wait for a long time till your boat finishes the next turn. If you don’t wish to be time bound then a taxi is a better option.

Wat Arun temple


Wat Arun is a temple located at the bank of Chao Phraya river, it is spread across a vast area and has spectacular sites. It is also known as temple of dawn.



There are beautiful portraits of Buddha and paintings on the ceiling adding to the beguiling views of this temple.



The artistic touch at every corner of the temple is mesmerizing.


Dress conservatively or you need to rent clothes in order to see the temple.

Opening hours: 8 am to 5.30 pm

Bangkok Palace


Bangkok Place is magnificent and is a renowned tourist spot, its very crowded as tourists from all over the world come to see the glorious architecture. One important thing you must remember you cannot wear sleeveless and shorts when you go to visit it. Your entry will be forbidden.


The palace is huge and beautiful corridors add to the beauty of it.

Opening hours: 8 am to 3.30 pm

Top tips before visiting Bangkok:

  • Look for the best commuting options BTS Sky train is great
  • Bargain with Tuk Tuk as sometimes they quote double the price
  • If you plan to shop a lot try and stay near the shopping area, will help you save money of commuting
  • Take care of your wallets at crowded places
  • Carry water bottle every where
  • Always ask what your are eating or drinking
  • Go Go bars are never free
  • Always book a spa in advance
  • Check the place and distance before you go anywhere
  • Dress conservatively for temples and palace as they don’t allow entry in shorts even for men
  • There is an entry fee to all famous tourist shops makes sure you carry enough cash

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    1. löysin blogimaailman kun aloitin työt; työni on psyykkisesti kuormittavaa ja itsenäistä, asiakkaiden välissä on ihana lukeaa kepeitä ja oivaltavia juttujasi! korvaa nykyään naistenlehdet minulta täysin vaikka onhan tämä tietyllä tavalla tirkistelyä toisen elämään. en jaksa oikein lukea muotiblogeja, chicling on mukava kokonaisuus sisältäen urheilua, tetileelvsyyrtä, realismia, kauneutta, ihanuutta!- L.L


  1. Thank you for your very informative posts on Thailand. I am about to visit Singapore, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Ko Samui Island and Bangkok – leaving on Saturday next week. The information on Phang na Bay and James Bond Island are super helpful too as we plan to do day trips to these islands. We have never been to Asia so are really looking forward to this trip. Do we need Malaria medication?

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