Kerala’s most attractive beaches Poovar and Kovalam

Poovar or Kovalam both are beautiful, where to stay? This is a very common question which arises, when you are planning a trip to Kerala. Well, the answer is very simple, if you are looking for a relaxing stay, away from the crowd close to nature Poovar is your choice and if you wish to enjoy the liveliness of the beach surrounded by tourists, shopping, markets, restaurants Kovalam is the right option. What did I do? I took the stay at Poovar and did a one day trip to Kovalam and enjoyed both.

Poovar Beach Kerala

This was the best experience in my entire Kerala trip, Poovar beach is also known as the island of coconuts as it is surrounded by these lush green trees adding to the tranquility of this place. You can have a short tour by clicking on the video link below to see the gorgeous place.

Choosing a good  place to stay at Poovar is the most important thing to have an enriching experience. We chose Isola de Cocco resort for our stay at Poovar and it came out to be a great decision.

Isola de Cocco resort

The resort is spread out in 30 acres of land and is incredibly gorgeous. Starting from the entrance to the backyard its surrounded by nature. Looks like they own a mini forest and a river bank of there own. The backwaters adds a star to scenic location of this resort. You can choose your preferred option to stay from a suite room to a tree house or a pool villa they have it all. Food and service are equally great. Let’s have a quick sneak peek in the resort.

The splendid entrance…


View at the periphery…857.JPG

Swing at the tree house…849.JPG

Free shuttle service to cross the backwaters to see the beach…IMG_1105.JPG

Beautiful backwater view…800.JPG

Private beach area…783.JPG

Pool side dining area…838.JPG

Needless to say Isola de Cocco is great a choice but what you can do here apart from relaxing. There are few good activities you can do at this place.


Mangrove forest tour

Sightseeing the mangrove forest was really an amazing experience. Click on the video below to have a slight feel of how it was.

We also saw some birds during our tour, I wish I had those high resolution cameras at that point to capture the pictures even better.




How long you want the tour depends on how much you wish to pay to the boat guy, ask and negotiate the time and money on the first day when you arrive at the resort so you can check out the place at your convenience.

Watching sunset at the beach

Nothing can be compared to watch a sunset on a beach where there is so much tranquility.


Arabian sea is quite rough, the waves are massive and the sound is gigantic. Water is milky white and the sand is soft. I can’t dare to swim was happy watching.

Kathakali show arranged by Isola de Cocco

The resort guys organised a Kathakali show for us in the evening, reach early to occupy the front seats. The show was performed under a tree surrounded by a stone stage adding to the feel of it.


Kathakali is a dance form all about expressions and performers dressed up in colourful costumes. It was a magnificent show and kudos to all the performers. Its a must watch if you love art and culture.

Kovalam Beach Kerela

Kovalam is situated around 17 kms from Poovar beach, its very lively and beautiful as well. It took us close to 45 mins by car to reach there, we tried different kinds of food and enjoyed the view.


The beach is quite crowded as its not visible in pictures but it is, the location is touristy surrounded by live fish counters and shopping streets.


There is a lighthouse as well near the beach which is open for tourists to visit, the place is scenic and has a tinge of Kerala’s culture.


We spent less time at Kovalam compared to Poovar but its definitely worth a visit. If you are a foodie and wish to try the south Indian cuisine this place is a paradise for you. There are lot of open cafes where you can sit and enjoy the sunset.

I loved both the beaches and time spent here is worth cherishing. Kerela trip is incomplete without these two places.

Munnar the silent beauty!

Beauty all around with all shades of green, freshness in the air touching your soul. Peaceful yet musical is this hill station in Kerela called Munnar, which means three rivers. It is called so because of the confluence of three rivers Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala.


Things to do in Munnar for two days

Blossom Park


Blossom Park as the name suggests has beautiful flowers and is huge in area. This is a very well maintained park where people come and relax, enjoy the nature.

Rose Garden and floriculture center




Rose Garden has beautiful flowers and variety of flora, it is an amazing place for people who like flowers.

Echo point


Like all hill stations Munnar also has a echo point, you shout and the voice comes back. It is also a famous photo spot.

Mattupetti dam


This dam is a famous tourist attraction due to its splendid location and Shola forest nearby where you can visit to explore the wildlife.

Try the south Indian Cuisine


Kerela has variety of delicious foods to offer do try the Kerela food and other South Indian dishes on your visit.

Tea Gardens


Carpeted by this green blanket of tea gardens Munnar looks so mesmerizing. Tea gardens are an integral part of Munnar you can find them across this place adding to the tranquility of this place.

Tea Museum


This place is a must go if you are really a tea lover, the museum shows you how the tea is processed after it comes from the gardens. The process of making tea is quite interesting to know, before you start your tour of visiting the machines and the steps the guide will tell you interesting facts about drinking tea. This place was fun, they give you free tea to try as well.

Munnar is popular for its picturesque location, tea gardens and rich wildlife. Weather is cool and nice never crosses 30 degree Celsius generally. A perfect place to chill, away from the busy city life. It is a very renowned spot for honeymooners as they can spend quality time with each other.


Zarvani Waterfall a cool monsoon picnic spot

Away from the hustle bustle of the regular life Zarvani waterfall is situated in the Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary.  It is located at 97 kms from Baroda in the Narmada district. It is an amazing one day picnic spot.


It takes close to 2.5 hours to reach this spot from Baroda, hire a taxi as there is nothing available to commute from this place. Also take an expert driver with you because before reaching the parking there will be a stretch of 15 kms without proper roads.

If you enjoy the drive in forest you are definitely going to love this place. Fresh air with lush green trees surrounding this waterfall makes this place a beautiful spot to enjoy.


You can click pretty pictures to cherish your memories of this wonderful time. Swim and relax at this calm and gorgeous location and return by afternoon or early evening.



On the way back you can also stop by at Sardar Sarovar dam, which is again a  spectacular site.


Travel tips to Zarvani waterfall

  • To visit the falls you have to take permission from the forest department
  • Carry your own food and water
  • Take an extra pair of clothes and towel
  • The water fall is far from the parking you need to do a short trek to reach there
  • Mobile network is not great so you would be cut off for the time you are here
  • Carry simple first aid with you
  • Water shoes are advisable the rocks are quite slippery and some part of trek you have to pass through water
  • Its very clean please don’t litter around