Munnar the silent beauty!

Beauty all around with all shades of green, freshness in the air touching your soul. Peaceful yet musical is this hill station in Kerela called Munnar, which means three rivers. It is called so because of the confluence of three rivers Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala.


Things to do in Munnar for two days

Blossom Park


Blossom Park as the name suggests has beautiful flowers and is huge in area. This is a very well maintained park where people come and relax, enjoy the nature.

Rose Garden and floriculture center




Rose Garden has beautiful flowers and variety of flora, it is an amazing place for people who like flowers.

Echo point


Like all hill stations Munnar also has a echo point, you shout and the voice comes back. It is also a famous photo spot.

Mattupetti dam


This dam is a famous tourist attraction due to its splendid location and Shola forest nearby where you can visit to explore the wildlife.

Try the south Indian Cuisine


Kerela has variety of delicious foods to offer do try the Kerela food and other South Indian dishes on your visit.

Tea Gardens


Carpeted by this green blanket of tea gardens Munnar looks so mesmerizing. Tea gardens are an integral part of Munnar you can find them across this place adding to the tranquility of this place.

Tea Museum


This place is a must go if you are really a tea lover, the museum shows you how the tea is processed after it comes from the gardens. The process of making tea is quite interesting to know, before you start your tour of visiting the machines and the steps the guide will tell you interesting facts about drinking tea. This place was fun, they give you free tea to try as well.

Munnar is popular for its picturesque location, tea gardens and rich wildlife. Weather is cool and nice never crosses 30 degree Celsius generally. A perfect place to chill, away from the busy city life. It is a very renowned spot for honeymooners as they can spend quality time with each other.



13 thoughts on “Munnar the silent beauty!

  1. You stuck to the typical tourist spots. Next time, if you are in Munnar, go to this place called Top Station early in the morning. Also, there is a tea estate on the Kollukumalai hills, a 40 min drive from Munnar – the views are mindblowing. For next time of course… keep blogging.

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  2. I’m witnessing a different Munnar in your pictures. When I visited Munnar few years ago, it was overcast and cloudy…raining for hours. In short, it was incredibly beautiful and non-touristy. Loved the pictures in your post.


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