Singapore a great holiday destination

Singapore trip was the most hassle free trip, did no planning, booked no hotels still saw it like an insider, all thanks to our dear friends Sakshi and Deepak who are Singaporean residents. We spent three days but still managed to see a lot of it and enjoyed thoroughly. As our trip was clubbed with Bali ahead we couldn’t spend more days but would suggest to spend at least 4 to 5 days to see Singapore fully.

Best way to move around is the metro, even buses and taxis are quite convenient. Local transport in Singapore is amazing but yes metro is the fastest and cheapest.

Our itinerary for Singapore:

Sentosa Island

We took a monorail from vivo city mall to reach Sentosa Island, the island is beautifully built. I would suggest you to spend some time and visit all the stations. Its huge and can’t be covered in one day.

S.E.A Aquarium is a must visit on your trip to Sentosa, a vast variety of marine life you would get to witness here will make you fall in love with this place. You can see sharks, jelly fishes, crabs and think of any form of life and you will find it here.


Fine Dining:ย you have so many cuisines with a variety of restaurants across this island, the first day we just saw how incredibly different and gorgeous this place was.


Luge and Cable car: Try the luge it is one unique experience, enjoy the view of entire Sentosa in a cable car. At the last station you can have drinks and food viewing the gorgeous sunset in front of the beach.


Massaging chair at the last station: After roaming and exploring the island we wished that we could have a massage and then we saw this massaging chair.You just need to put a dollar in the place near the chair and the enjoy the amazing massage for 8 minutes. You can have it for a longer time by putting more dollars ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the best attractions of Sentosa is Universal Studios which actually requires a full day, so we went back to the island the other day to visit it.

Universal Studios: Its an amusement park with tons of theme rides and is a mix of fun and innovation to give you full value for money. My personal favourite is the transformers ride, it was one hell of an experience. You can experience the most scariest roller coasters to crazy 4D shows. Countless photo spots just putting few pictures ahead to share my experience.





After the rides we saw the B-Boying show at 5 pm it was so much fun, never saw such crazy stuff, the guys were super flexible and talented. They filled the crowd with superb energy and the place was flocked by tourists.

Clarke Quay

This place is one of the biggest nightlife attractions of Singapore, the location is fabulous as it takes advantage of its riverside view. There is an array of restaurants, bars, clubs with enormous themes and concepts, you can pick your choice and enjoy your evening. They also have a photo wall at the entrance, you can click yourself and post it directly to your facebook wall.


1 Altitude Bar

It is situated at 63rd floor and is a roof top bar from where you can see the entire Singapore. At night a dazzling view of the city is breathtaking; just go there feel the breeze enjoy the music with a drink in your hand.


China town

This is again one more very well known tourist attraction, known for its food and shopping options. You can see and feel the authentic Chinese architecture at this place. It’s crowded and a lively place to explore.


Marina bay

The most renowned tourist location of Singapore and definitely worth a visit, located at the river side surrounded by shining sky scrapers. This is a great place to sit and spend time with your friends. Very popular photo spot and you can enjoy watching the sunset. Singapore flyer is also near by which is also worth a visit if you are fan of sitting in the giant wheel. We also witnessed the water and laser show at the marina bay in night which is again a fun activity.



Gardens by the bay

When I reached here I thought I was on some movie set, said to myself is this real? The only word which came to my mind was ‘wow’. I am not a huge fan of gardens but this one is way beyond and you certainly cannot miss it. We reached gardens by the bay after sunset and they have a musical light show.Our friends took us to a good spot and told us now we will lie down in the garden and watch the show, I was skeptic whats going to happen but when it started it was simply amazing. I recorded a short video which you can check out on the link below.

It might look like a lot but there is still lot more to do in Singapore, best part is, the city is extremely clean, well maintained easy to explore with great food and is a must visit.


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