A day in Matheran: The no honking hill station

Matheran is the smallest hill station in India located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Lush green trees surround it from all sides making it so exotic that every few kilometers, there is valley view point marked for tourists. Matheran is an Eco-sensitive zone and there are no vehicles allowed here. People travel on their feet and horses here. There is absolute serenity and you feel so close to nature.


Matheran is a place for people who enjoy scenic landscapes and wish to relax in peace. If you are looking for party destinations Matheran is simply not the place for you.

We reached Mumbai, then took a local train to Neral, closest station to Matheran, usually a toy train runs from Neral to Matheran. The toy train is a must try attraction as you can enjoy the spectacular views on the way.

Unfortunately when we reached there, toy train was not running, we took a taxi to reach this place. We reached around 6.30 am in morning, so there were no horses available to take us to the main area where our hotel was located. The main market was a 4 km walk, please pack light because you have to be ready to walk at this place.


The morning walk was very enjoyable, weather was amazing, finally we finished our walk and reached our hotel. The air was so fresh, I was already feeling rejuvenated.

You can enjoy the local delicacies in small restaurants located across the street, they serve amazing food even though they don’t have great ambience.

At 4 pm we hired a guide to show around the place, we used a horse to commute because the roads were muddy and rugged and morning walk was already tiring. I got a beautiful white horse to ride, it was fun and we saw some really picturesque photo points.


All the points are located in a small stretch it’s just a different angle. No matter what name they call the point, all the spots were very scenic.







The chill breeze was worth enjoying, had a great time. After the sightseeing we returned to the market again, there are many small shops you can visit. We tried the Kokam sharbat which was delicious. Market has lot of small carts which serve maggi and some snacks which are best to eat.

The resort was equally beautiful we had a nice dinner, the environment was so serene. Matheran is a perfect place to relax away from city noise and traffic.

It was a beautiful day among simple people, if you are looking for spending a day in lap of countryside Matheran is your destination.